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February 26 IONS meeting

Boise IONS meets the last Sunday of each month except August and December from 2 to 4 PM at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 6200 N Garrett Street in Garden City.

Boise IONS guest presenter on February 26 will be James Roy of Boise. An author, alternative researcher, and teacher of manufacturing robotics, Roy will present for discussion his hypotheses and evidence supporting the popular Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness as proposed by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Roy has written two connected books that cover this and other provocative topics in his published panoply of cosmology, quantum mechanics, consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and the ongoing debates and evidence of extraterrestrial contact and technologies.

James is a native of the Merrimack River Valley border region of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He comes from a busy and talented family that includes generations of doctors, engineers, scientists, professors, CEOs, and the first female Republican governor in US history. He’s also a former member of the Rhine Research Institute in Durham, NC, and MUFON of New Hampshire.

James Roy’s website: Cosmic Law Universe


Boise IONS meets the last Sunday of each month except August and December from 2 to 4 PM at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 6200 N Garrett Street in Garden City.

At the November 27th Boise IONS meeting, Sally Suter and Amelia Loomis will explore Making a Difference for the Planet through the Power of Group Consciousness. Join us for a lively discussion as we look at approaches and organizations that synchronize global meditation and prayer, promoting relevant subtle energy solutions to support planet stability, balance, harmony and peace. Topics will include principles of creating a single thought form and heart and soul compassionate intention, the basics for supporting all life on Earth.

Sally Suter, MN, RN has a rich background in various meditations and healing modalities including synchronized breathing. Amelia Loomis, MSW, CCHt is President of Earth Water Alliance SM, the Idaho Society of Dowsers, and practices clinical hypnotherapy and enhancing subtle energy through dowsing and intuition.

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New Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter: Dean Radin Ph.D

Dean Radin speaks at the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson 2016.

Dean Radin Ph.D is chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

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October 3o IONS meeting



The experience of retreat in the life of the mind

Boise IONS guest presenter on October 30 will be Michael Jones. A practitioner in the Buddhist tradition for many years, he participated in an eight month meditation retreat in 2014-15. He will share experiences, insights and conversation on some ways retreat can help guide the trajectory of one’s spiritual path. Topics will include: intention/motivation, timing, supportive circumstances, teacher, work ethic, expectations, going forward, daily practice.

Michael grew up in Caldwell, Idaho. After majoring in philosophy at college he married, then spent almost 5 years in Peace Corps and Quaker Service in Southeast Asia, including wartime Vietnam. Back in Idaho his career included family life, peace justice and environmental activism, calligraphy, graphic design and publishing, and vegetable farming.

Meeting takes place 2 to 4 PM at the Boise Universalist Union Fellowship, 6200 N Garrett Street, Boise. Meetings are free and your donations help pay Boise IONS expenses.


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Fred Luskin, PhD: What Is Forgiveness?

According to Dr Luskin, forgiveness is one of the tools of Consciousness that allows us to navigate through the storms in life. He is one of the directors of The Forgiveness Project at Stanford University, and has many video talks online in which he teaches the tools of forgiveness and how they allow for a fuller, happier, healthier life.

Below is a short conversation posted by the IONS organization.

“We are the ones who created the lack of peace so we are the only ones who can remedy that situation. Life happened, and then we objected to life. And it was our objecting to our own life, saying “No, this is not the way this life should have been, it should have been that way.” Our objecting to our own life causes emotional, physical, and spiritual turmoil. Forgiveness is the resolution of our objection.”


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Don Miguel Ruiz – Change Your Reality

Don Miguel Ruiz  speaking at 2015 IONS conference in Oakbrook Hills, Illinois.

Posted by: Michelle K Wood | September 3, 2016

The Science of Consciousness – Helané Wahbeh

While our materialistic paradigm would have us believe that our consciousness is housed in our physical brain and does not extend beyond it, there is growing evidence that this is actually not true.

This is a presentation that was given in February 2016 to the Chinmaya Mission in Princeton, New Jersey.


Posted by: Michelle K Wood | August 17, 2016

Dr Edgar Mitchell: Roots of Noetic Sciences

Dr. Mitchell discusses the Apollo 14 mission and how that trip changed him and planted the seeds for his development of the IONS.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell was an Apollo astronaut and one of the first men to walk on the moon. That experience led to his formation of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) more than 3 decades ago.

This talk took place on November 9, 2009.

Posted by: Michelle K Wood | August 8, 2016

From Physics to Consciousness ~ Gabriel Guerrer

Former CERN researcher Gabriel Guerrer Ph.D talks about his journey from particle physics to exploring the mystery of consciousness.

In this 16-minute video, Dr Guerrer realates how an experience with a burning car prompted this change.


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