Posted by: Michelle K Wood | July 23, 2017

July 30 IONS Meeting

Dementia is the latest scourge in our country. By age 85, 51% of us are expected to develop some form of dementia!

The good news is we know more now about some of the contributing factors and causes and how we can be pro active in our approach to becoming part of the 49% that avoid it.

Join Dementia Prevention Specialist Victoria Savage RN (Nurse Savage on Your Side) for an information-packed talk entitled, “IS IT POSSIBLE TO AVOID DEMENTIA?”

This comprehensive talk covers not only the nutritional, physical, and supplemental possibilities, but the psychological-mental aspects as well.

Victoria Savage (Nurse Savage on Your Side) is an RN of 26 years whose motto is, and practice focus’s on, “Prevent the Preventable.” As a child of a dementia sufferer, this subject matter is a very personal one for her.

Join us in learning how to take charge of our brain health (which by the way is good for the body as well,) and move forward with greater knowledge and empowerment.



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