Posted by: Michelle K Wood | February 22, 2017

February 26 IONS meeting

Boise IONS meets the last Sunday of each month except August and December from 2 to 4 PM at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 6200 N Garrett Street in Garden City.

Boise IONS guest presenter on February 26 will be James Roy of Boise. An author, alternative researcher, and teacher of manufacturing robotics, Roy will present for discussion his hypotheses and evidence supporting the popular Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness as proposed by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Roy has written two connected books that cover this and other provocative topics in his published panoply of cosmology, quantum mechanics, consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and the ongoing debates and evidence of extraterrestrial contact and technologies.

James is a native of the Merrimack River Valley border region of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He comes from a busy and talented family that includes generations of doctors, engineers, scientists, professors, CEOs, and the first female Republican governor in US history. He’s also a former member of the Rhine Research Institute in Durham, NC, and MUFON of New Hampshire.

James Roy’s website: Cosmic Law Universe


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