Posted by: mitchelbethel | January 28, 2016

BoiseIONS January 2016 Presenation: Releasing limitation by understanding and transcending the Ego Mind

Hello and I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season

Below is the notes on this months presentation.  In addition in the next newsletter and meeting there will be notes about a idea that BoiseIONS will try this year.  Please look for the next newsletter for details.

Boise IONS meets the last Sunday of each month except August and December from 2 to 4 PM at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Garrett Street in Garden City.
At the January 31 meeting Denise Nygard will  present “Releasing limitation by understanding and transcending the Ego Mind”.

Denise will talk about the Spiritual Anatomy of the Ego Mind  so that you can identify which  part of your ego mind you are operating from in different areas of your life.   She will be break down the counterparts to the ego mind  and give you ways to move beyond the limitations that can keep you stuck.  Ultimately, by understanding how to be the master of your ego, and having it work for you instead of against you, you  will learn to become more conscious of the blocks that you may have in your life to becoming more self realized and operating from the Mind of the Heart. 
Denise has been a “spiritual seeker” as long as she can remember.  At 19, she met her mentor/spiritual teacher Judie McReynolds, from whom she learned  about energy balancing techniques, mind/body connection and ways to heal ourselves through visualization. She subsequently trained in Advanced Clairvoyant development and healing, Access Consciousness, Energy medicine healing techniques, Illuminated  Mind, and JSJ training  with a medical doctor.  She is also a Level III Reiki Master.  Through her business, Divine Inspiration Healing, Denise has spent the last five years working professionally in the field of energy medicine, incorporating many modalities as an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher.  She also offers crystal bath therapy session on her “John of God” crystal bed from Brazil. 

Hope everyone had a good holiday season and will be looking forward to seeing you in this new year.


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