Posted by: mitchelbethel | May 29, 2015

BoiseIONS May 2015 Presentation M’Tae Woodbury, Buddhism, meditation, and the Neuroscience of Mind

At the May 31st meeting M’Tae Woodbury will provide an overview of the Buddhist insights into the nature of mind and recent investigation by neuroscientists into the effects of meditation on the mind. The presentation will pose questions, explore answers and suggest further lines of inquiry.

As the Director of the Mindfulness Center Idaho, M’Tae provides training and education to individuals and groups interested in mindfulness and the cultivation of resiliency.  She is a facilitator for the Trauma Resource Institute, as well as an ordained Buddhist Chaplain. She speaks regularly at local centers of worship and officiates at weddings and funerals. She received Upasika vows from the esteemed Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Venerable Pema Chodron, in 1992; received the Five Mindfulness Trainings in the Plum Village Tradition in 1994, and was ordained as a lay member of the Order of Interbeing by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh in 1997.  She has taught yoga and meditation in Boise since 1989, and is the current President of the Board of Directors of Beginners Mind Sangha, a Thich Nhat Hanh community of practice, in Boise, ID.


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