Posted by: mitchelbethel | February 23, 2014

A Journey of a thousand steps: BoiseIONS 2014 presentation with Sally Suter and Jeanie Sceptka

“Sally Suter, is in charge of Clinical Education & Research at St Al’s and is a charter member of Boise IONS

Jeanie Sceptka  is a registered nurse working part time as a Healing Touch Practitioner and instructor and part time instructor at College of Western Idaho.

These 2 nurses answered  the call of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela  last year.

Pilgrims have been traversing 500 miles across northern Spain on foot since the middle ages. Sally Suter and Jeanie Scepka knew each other, and found both were intrigued with the thought of taking this journey.  They set off together from St. Jean Pie dePort in France, the official start of the Camino Francis. In the days that followed, they would each have their own adventures with their paths merging and separating and merging again in Santiago. Sally and Jeanie will share their experiences and how the Camino challenged them, served them, took care of them and answered their spiritual longings in ways they never expected.”


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