Posted by: mitchelbethel | September 30, 2013

October 2013 BoiseIONS presentation: Annabel Armstong

For this months BoiseIONS presentation Annabel Armstrong will speak about her experiences as a volunteer artist in northern India last year. She spent four months working with an international team of artists to create a large-scale mural honoring Buddha.

Commissioned by Tarthang Tulku, founder of Dharma Publishing and the Tibetan Aid Project, and his daughter Tsering Gellek, the mural depicts a landscape of trees sacred to the Buddhist tradition. The imagery fills all the walls and ceiling of the main chanting hall of an institute for Buddhist studies in Sarnath, India, which is where Buddha gave his first sermon.

Annabel will share photos of the mural in progress and describe the project’s conceptual process as it relates to Buddhist philosophy, as well as share anecdotes of time spent near one of the holiest cities in India.

Annabel Armstrong is a Boise-based artist who has been creating decorative paint finishes and murals for almost 20 years. Architectural surfaces such as walls and ceilings act as her canvases, and Annabel decorates them with murals, paint effects, plaster, and gold leaf.


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