Posted by: mitchelbethel | April 22, 2013

BoiseIONS April 2013 presentation: West African Wholistic Healing

Tim Andreae is our presenter for the April 2013 BoiseIONS presentation.  He  is a Masters level student in counseling and psychology, as well as a student of West African teacher of indigenous healing practices, Malidoma Some.
Drawing from his own experience as a diviner in the tradition of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, Andreae will explore the idea of healing and illness from an indigenous, systems-based perspective in which healing and illness can only be addressed from the basis of our fundamental interconnectivity. From this paradigm, the work of healing becomes less a matter of the elimination of symptoms and instead, one of coming into more harmonious relationship with our inner and outer reality.
Having established a framework for the understanding of indigenous healing practices, Andreae will use various exercises to help participants grapple with the leap towards experiencing from a more indigenous perspective – a perspective that locates each of us within a living, intelligent and responsive environment, where both past and future are accessible from the doorway of the present moment.


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