Posted by: mitchelbethel | October 1, 2012

Dr. J. Michael Dunlap : “Perspectives on The Law of Attraction.”

We have heard a lot about the “Law of Attraction and its two associated laws.”  Many of us believe in this law and see it as the way God set up the universe. 

Most of us have some difficulty applying the Law of Attraction and find that we send mixed signals to the Universe as we define what it is that we want.  This talk is designed to clarify some of the less well understood elements of the Law of Attraction and help the listener learn more powerful ways to apply the the law.

Also discussed will be the “Law of Deliberate Creating,” and the “Law of Allowing.”  A simple, personal workshop will be outlined that assists listeners in applying these key universal laws.

Other presentations by Dr. Dunlap have been big hits and have left us wanting to hear more.  Seating may be limited, plan to arrive early.

Dr. J. Michael Dunlap was a teacher and professor of Computer Science for nearly 30 years as well as an engineer in the high tech industry.  Mike has a life-long passion for Meta-Physics.  He currently practices Clinical Hypnotherapy and is Director of the Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy.



  1. What did you think about being able to see the joy in life no matter what?

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