Posted by: mitchelbethel | April 10, 2012

March and April 2012 Presentation, Spiral Dynamics Part 1/2

The March and  April presentation to IONS continues the popular series by Dr. J. Michael Dunlap on Quantum Physics and Consciousness, and Wilma Strohmeier on Spiral Dynamics.

Wilma Strohmeier will present the  series of the works of Dr. Clare Graves, Don Beck, Chris Cowan and other scientists of the scientific theory of Spiral Dynamics.

Spiral Dynamics is a way of thinking about human nature. Its intent is to make living better for individuals, groups, and even societies by increasing understanding of why we do as we do, and then to broaden our conception of choices about what we might do next.

This Spiral Dynamics framework is based in the original research and theory of developmental scholar Dr. Clare W. Graves. It explores what makes us and societies different and alike at levels deeper than the demographics of age or gender, economics or ethnicities. With these insights, it is possible to build education, business, and governance systems which fit people and society at large better, and to help diverse people to find contexts of best fit. In addition, it offers a trajectory for change, both progressive and regressive in our search for congruence and fit.

We will explore its broad swings from individualism to collectivism and back, and their implications for the future of the individual and collective human consciousness; and for our role in shaping the outcome.


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