Posted by: mitchelbethel | February 14, 2012

BoiseIONS Feb 2012 presentation by J Michael Dunlap-Quantum Consciousness

The Coming Expansion of Consciousness and your role in the process.”

The February presentation to IONS continues the popular series by Dr. J. Michael Dunlap on Quantum Physics and Consciousness. This talk focuses on the ideas of “Intent Fields” at the macro scale and hyper macro scale. It describes a number of the commonly generated fields and discusses how each of those sets of ideas is impacted by the opening of consciousness. The talk gives each audience member an opportunity to examine their own views of the world and to determine which “Intent Field” is closest to their current position. It also provides an opportunity to understand other fields and to see what may be possible as a person migrates toward greater consciousness. The talk concludes with what you can do to help others in this time of change.

If you have a curiosity or interest in quantum physics or metaphysics, or you have a feeling you should be doing something beyond what you are doing, this presentation should be at the top of your “to do list.” It is possible to enjoy this presentation without having seen those that preceded it.

This and other similar presentations for the group have been a big hit and have left us wanting to hear more. Seating may be limited, plan to arrive early.

Dr. J. Michael Dunlap was a teacher and professor of Computer Science for nearly 30 years as well as an engineer in the high tech industry. Mike has a life-long passion for Meta-Physics. He currently practices Clinical Hypnotherapy and is Director of the Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy.

Dr. Dunlap’s previous talks have dealt with Quantum Physics and how Quantum Physics predicts a conscious universe; the nature of consciousness in a Quantum World; the power our subconscious mind to support choice; the nature of discernment; and Why Time as we have perceived it does not exist.


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