Posted by: mitchelbethel | January 3, 2012

Jan 2012 BoiseIONS series with J Michael Dunlap

The January 29th 2012 IONS program continues the popular series by Dr. J. Michael Dunlap on Quantum Physics and Consciousness.
Dr. J. Michael Dunlap was a teacher and professor of Computer Science for nearly 30 years as well as an engineer in the high tech industry.  Mike has a life-long passion for Meta-Physics.  He currently practices Clinical Hypnotherapy and is Director of the Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy.
This presentation is the latest in a series that focuses on the ideas of Quantum Entanglement, discussing what Quantum Entanglement is and how it operates at the subatomic level.  Dr. Dunlap’s previous talks have dealt with Quantum Physics and how Quantum Physics predicts a conscious universe; the nature of consciousness in a Quantum World; the power our subconscious mind to support choice; the nature of discernment; and why time as we have perceived it does not exist.
This talk goes on to expand on these ideas by showing that Quantum Entanglement operates at the macro level of our lives and is in evidence in the world around us.  It concludes by discussing the implications of consciousness and Quantum Entanglement and how entanglement gives rise to making real, significant changes in the life around us.


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