Posted by: mitchelbethel | October 3, 2011

BoiseIONS October 2011 presentation: J Michael Dunlap and Quantum Spacetime

At the October IONS meeting, Dr. J. Michael Dunlap will give an update on advances in Quantum Physics with particular attention to the nature of time and the current contention that time as we perceive it does not exist. Dr. Dunlap’s previous talks have dealt with Quantum Physics and how Quantum Physics predicts a conscious universe; the nature of consciousness in a Quantum World; the power our subconscious mind to support choice;  and the nature of discernment.

As physics finds scientific constraints on our perception of time, this calls into question Einstein’s theory of relativity as this is firmly based in the assumption of time existing in all frames of reference.  If you have a curiosity or interest in quantum physics or metaphysics, this presentation should be at the top of your “to do list.”  You may find a very accessible set of principles that interlink current scientific understanding and the practice of metaphysics.

Dr.  Dunlap was a teacher and professor of Computer Science for nearly 30 years as well as an engineer in the high tech industry.  Mike has a life-long passion for Meta-Physics.  He currently practices Clinical Hypnotherapy and is Director of the Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy.

A $5.00 donation is suggested. For more info. email



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