Posted by: mitchelbethel | March 24, 2011

BoiseIONS change in presenter for March

BoiseIONS members, there is a change in presenters for this month.  We will have Doug Armentrout present this month.  Here is some information on the man.


I’ve been on a shamanic path for about 14 years, and through that work I developed an affinity with crystals and stones. I now use them in my healing practice, CrystalHawk Energy Arts, which combines massage with heated crystals and stones to help align the energy in the client’s body, using the vibrational qualities of the stones. Not surprisingly, the colors of crystals and stones are pretty much aligned with the colors of the chakras, and as such, certain stones work to unblock energy in the chakras they are most associated with.

I also teach a ‘creative listening’ class through Boise Community Education, called “Listening to the Stones. I help participants open up to the vibrations of a stone they select and start to write the beginnings of their own story. I also will be co-leading a year-long shamanic group beginning in August, and will co-facilitate Tammi’s next Prosperity Class.

The presentation I will give will focus on the healing power of color, and give examples using crystals and stones.


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