Posted by: mitchelbethel | November 8, 2010

BoiseIONS November 2010 presentation-Metaphysical Concepts and the Nature of Discernment

On Nov 28 J Michael Dunlap will present the topic Metaphysical Concepts and the Nature of Discernment. Discernment is a key tool used by metaphysical people to ascertain truth.  This talk and group discussion focuses on the role of discernment in our daily lives.  It then goes on to discuss ideas that are commonly held by metaphysical people and which derive primarily from discernment.  This is an excellent way to get in touch with your belief system and why you believe as you do.
Dr. J. Michael Dunlap is Director of the Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy and a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Mike holds PhDs in Computer Science and in Education, was a teacher and professor of Computer Science for nearly 30 years, and a Senior HP engineer for 15. Mike maintains a deep interest in physics, quantum mechanics and super string theory along with his life-long passion for Meta-Physics and understanding the nature of religion as a unifying force in the world.



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