Posted by: mitchelbethel | April 17, 2010

BoiseIONS April 2010 Presentation Richard Tarnas discussion

Sunday, April 25th, Nan Rick will lead an open discussion on ponderables that have come up from the lecture and workshop presented April 23rd and 24th by Richard Tarnas. Familiar with astrology since the sixties, her underlying question is, “If there is, as scientifically proven, no such thing as time and space, how does it all work?”

She suggests wondering about your own experience with day dreaming.  Usually many images rise up or float by ie.wave.  As soon as you think “aha! I will look at that one further.” it becomes a particle and the other thoughts disappear.  Everything is both a particle and a wave at the same time.  That is Quantum Physics 101.

Nan will describe her simple explanation of how our experience is individually directed by each one of our choices.  The actual source of the energy behind our decisions has many names.  Astrology is like a road map of symbols which enables us to discuss the particular qualities and affects that the different forms of planetary energy uniquely have on each of us.

Nan has widely traveled and worn many hats.  She looks forward to a lively discussion based on the input from Tarnas, her theory about how it all works and the questions you bring.


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