Posted by: mitchelbethel | November 11, 2009

Boise IONS November 2009 presentation

Our program in November will be an experiential  investigation of  “Planting Seeds of Change in Individuals and Communities” presented by Evelyn Blank, AKA Mayana.  Mayana will share with us her unique presence for contributing to positive change in this time of great need for a vision of a desired future.  She will offer us the opportunity to connect with that vision and to determine the individual and collective contribution of our group to the unfolding of the vision.

Mayana is perfectly designed to shine brightly during these times of great change.  She is multi-dimensional, bridging the old and new with a unique perspective that only she can offer the One and All.  Mayana is a Caller,calling the Children of the Sun to gather together Now.  Experience and dedication to her path have brought Wisdom, Grace and Beauty to be expressed through Mayana with the greatest Love and Highest Intent for the greater good of All.  Mayana is guided by Thoth and Bird Woman, Melchizadek and Sophia, Metatron and Michael, among a host of others.  She offers her life in service for the transformation of Gaia and all who dwell upon, within,above and below her.  Mayana is a Portal for higher dimensional energies to pass through into the physical realm. “I Am a Divine Link…connect to me and you will receive All that I Am


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