Posted by: mitchelbethel | November 18, 2008

Living Deeply Discussion Group

Some members of IONS are starting a discussion group on the book Living Deeply.  For those who dont know about the book here is a review from the Institute of Noetic Science.  The complete section on living deeply is at

“This book moves spirituality off the mountain top and into your daily life…one step at a time. It reveals the perennial wisdom across religions, cultures, and traditions that can help you to live more fully and deeply.

At a time when life’s pace is accelerating for all of us, Living Deeply can be closer than you think. Based on a decade of research, this book offers a roadmap to creating deep and lasting transformation in your life.

The authors invite you to be the scientist of your own experience, to take conscious steps, like transforming your car pool into a “sanga”, a disagreement with a co-worker into an opportunity to stretch yourself, or an illness experience into a wake up call for living more fully and deeply.

Bridging science and spirituality, this book offers deep insights into growth and transformation at both individual and collective levels. This book offers a simple but radical hypothesis: you can change your life by simply changing your mind.

As ancient wisdom converges with the latest scientific understandings of the world, this book offers new answers to the age-old questions of “who am I?” and “what am I capable of becoming?”

For more information email boiseions at gmail dot com or check the previous group email for contact phone numbers.


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