Posted by: mitchelbethel | November 3, 2008

October Presentation: Belinda Anderson

Belinda has been in the practice of brain centered trauma release since 1996. She has taken extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release and Trauma Release.

The method Belinda uses to release trauma from the brain is called STAR (steps to a release). This is a very interesting, effective, method.

She first explains the physiological make-up of the brain by explaining that trauma memories are stored in the amygdala, a small almond shaped portion of the brain at the base of the skull.  This is an ancient part of the brain.   It is also called the reptilian brain and  is there in order to protect one from pain, danger, injury and death.

The amygdala is triggered so it can gain control of brain functions when you perceive danger.  The neocortex is the rational part of the brain.  If a trigger occurs which mobilizes a trauma memory stored in the amygdala, one will experience symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.  It supercedes the thinking, rational, problem solving neocortex.  One can reexperience the sensations of the original trauma.  Also there can be depression, anxiety,  panic attacks, feelings of hopelessness, sleep deprived and dissociative reactions.

Also, when the amygdala triggers, it signals the brain to release a fear based cocktail of stress hormones. These stress hormones will instantly prepare one’s body for fight or flight, or to freeze.  These stress hormones are life saving and can give us super human strength, speed, reaction times and bravery.  But when generated constantly, which is the case for so many people today, through the stress of fear based living, the stress hormones become the number one killer of mankind.  Recent research validates that prolonged stress ages the body, weakens the immune system and causes many terminal diseases.

The STAR method very quickly reverses the chain of events in the brain, giving one the control one needs to reprogram the brain.  One does not have to relive  the traumatic event.  All one has to do is focus on the event that it triggers in the brain.

Because the first step in the triggering process is to take the neocortex off line, the first step in  STAR is to manually bring it back on line.  This is done by putting one hand at the base of the brain, where the amygdala is, and the other hand on the neocortex on the forehead.  This seems to energetically connect the neocortex to the amygdala, giving the neocortex back the authority over the memory and the brain function.  The one repeats a series of statements designed to convince your brain that it did happen, that it is over now and that you are safe now.

Once the neocortex accomplishes the task of taking back its authority to reprogram the memory, it appears the amygdala releases it, the emotions are stripped from it, and the limbic part of the brain works with the hippocampus to change how and where the memory is stored. Although emotional relief is instantaneous in the STAR process, full reassignment of the memory is generally not completed until after you sleep.  Once the STAR process is complete, the memory appears to be permanently stripped of its trauma designation, the emotional reactions are gone, and the memory is stored in normal memory where it eventually dissipates over time.  The memory is no longer stuck in the amygdala and cannot be triggered again.

Belinda Anderson may be reached at 672-9413, 8660 W. Emerald, Suite 112, Cedar Health Center.

She will be conducting a Basic Star Trauma Release class November 1 and 2, from 9am to 5pm.  Class Tuition is $225.  She states that through this class, one can learn the basic steps for releasing trauma in yourself, other people, babies and animals.


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