Posted by: mitchelbethel | October 6, 2008

A Review of last months Thomas Nehrer Presentation

The September meeting consisted of an evening lecture by Tom Nehrer on his book, The Essence of Reality.  This book may be purchased at

A higher consciousness experience, similar to that experienced by Edgar Mitchell, inspired Tom to embark on a quest for the essence of reality.  He gives several methods for accessing the subconscious in order to determine truth.  His favored method is to use self hypnosis to get his answers. ( another is muscle testing)  He points out that we are all programmed early in life with beliefs which distort our view of reality and may even create health problems.  It is somewhat like peeling away layers of false beliefs in order to get to uncontaminated reality.  I think we have probably all noticed behaviors and beliefs in ourselves which have no useful function and may even be detrimental which we incorporated from those in our childhood environment.


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