Posted by: mitchelbethel | September 5, 2008

Spirituality without Religion

Chia Wood a Boise ION’s member has wrote a book recently that covers material that other ION’s members could find interesting.  Below is a

A local author Chia Wood claims that spiritual truth is as discoverable and verifiable as physical truth in the recent release, Spirituality Without Religion, A How-To Book.  The spiritual truths are defined as the laws governing non-material things, such as harmony and love.  Anyone can devise a scale for measuring inner peace, then experiment with spiritual practices and see which affect inner peace.  Although the measurements are subjective, the comparison of these measures across time is valid within the individual.

In fact, this is how we run our lives.  According to the author, the clergy once claimed a monopoly on scientific truth, much as they now claim a monopoly on spiritual truth, but spiritual truth is available to all people at all times.  Anyone can experiment and discover that a life in which behavior betrays values is less satisfying than a life in which behavior does justice to values. By making our lives into laboratories, we can wrest spirituality from the same hands from which Galileo wrested Science.

The author, C. Riven Wood, has used the methods described over the course of three decades to transform herself from a suicidal teenager daunted by the telephone to a public speaker, helper, and guide to those desperate to change their lives.  She has assisted rape victims, alcoholics and their families, and others committed to personal growth.

If you’d like to learn more you can visit the web site at



  1. 1. How do you think?, this question some times may lead to errors of which may cause inferiority or superirity complexes, better is what do you think? Always think positive, if some negatives are there forget and relax for recouping the energy restart the process afresh.
    2. How do you see yourself? This is immaterial becuase we are living in a world where materialistic aspects are given more predominance, but if one feels that he/she is part of this world as a human that shall be great.
    3. How do others see you? this is also totally irrelavant from the considerations of the above, it all depends how much others are educated about human values nothing ti do with their degrees or positions in the society.

    The moment one realizes that he/she is part and parcel of the human race, it is understood that they realized them selves. This self realization is more important in everybody’s life.
    I think that shall change the entire senario on this world and shall reduce all the disputes and extremism. Even though there is need of religion initially to buid the maral and manners and also ethical values, the self realization process has nothing to do with any particular religion. The point is that the self realization, by simply foolowing any religion does not mean that one is spititual or there is some spirituality unless until one realises the self of their own self. As most of the religions on this world are all man made only and all speak about this self realization only the customs and practises differ, it should become bane on human religion, and should not be language religion, just like you speak arabic or urdu you are terrorist, since i speak english I am gentleman practicing christianity, everybody should respect me and treat as boss of this world. This Utter nonsense.

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