Posted by: mitchelbethel | November 6, 2007

A change in View

From the introduction to the 2007 Shift Report

Everyone needs a worldview. Without a context for answering the basic questions of life, we can feel lost or disoriented. During the course of our lifetime, many of us have undergone fundamental changes in how we perceive ourselves, the universe, and our place within it. We are living in an era in which such transformation is fermenting across the planet on multiple fronts: personal, collective, spiritual, social, and scientific. An increasingly greater proportion of people are recognizing that habitual ways of thinking and doing must change or we risk catastrophic outcomes. And yet the shifts in perspective being called for seem to exceed our capacity to respond. We are constrained by a limited way of thinking about the world and our potential—a worldview—that we have inherited from the past and that may be incapable of overcoming the challenges it has created. How can such forces be overcome? How do transitions in worldview come about?

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