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BoiseIONS Sept 2014 presentation: Holistic Death care

At the September 28th meeting,  Sherri Rudai, President, Funeral Consumers’ Alliance of Idaho and Susan Randall, Death Midwife/Holistic Death Care and member of the Board of the Funeral Consumers’ Alliance of Idaho will conduct a workshop on Holistic Death Care and initiate a conversation regarding legal choices and options in death care.

Sherri will help us understand that although death is something we all have in common, it is one of the topics that most of us can barely talk about.  She will demonstrate how by sharing our experiences about death and the caring for our loved ones at the end of life, we convey our humanity.

Susan realized at an early age that meaningful ritual was important for honoring the dead, and she learned that the absence of a loved one’s body delays the grieving process. As an adult, after viewing a friend’s body at the funeral home, she saw the importance of taking charge of the funeral process. These experiences have led Susan to educate folks about their legal choices and options in death care as well as in celebrating this transition.

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March 2014 discussion on the book “The Field”

March 30th : The Boise IONS group meets from 2 to 4 p.m. on the last Sunday of each month except August and December at the Boise Universalist Union Fellowship on Garret St. in Garden City ~ Everyone is Welcome!
Barbara Edwards will review what she learned while studying Lynne McTaggert book “The Field”, a seminal work of the New Age, and one which provides a scientific explanation for psychic phenomena such as ESP, spiritual healing and remote viewing. 

Lynne is a best-selling author, researcher and lecturer whose work has rightly been described as “a bridge between science and spirituality“.   For the past 20 years she has been researching medicine and its shortcomings, and quantum physics and what this means for us and the world we live in.   She has written three significant books in the areas of quantum physics, spirituality and health.

Barbara is a long time member of IONS, and a retired licensed clinical social worker, who has  worked in Missouri, California, and Oregon, in the fields of mental health counseling and child welfare. Barbara is now living in Boise.

“Sally Suter, is in charge of Clinical Education & Research at St Al’s and is a charter member of Boise IONS

Jeanie Sceptka  is a registered nurse working part time as a Healing Touch Practitioner and instructor and part time instructor at College of Western Idaho.

These 2 nurses answered  the call of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela  last year.

Pilgrims have been traversing 500 miles across northern Spain on foot since the middle ages. Sally Suter and Jeanie Scepka knew each other, and found both were intrigued with the thought of taking this journey.  They set off together from St. Jean Pie dePort in France, the official start of the Camino Francis. In the days that followed, they would each have their own adventures with their paths merging and separating and merging again in Santiago. Sally and Jeanie will share their experiences and how the Camino challenged them, served them, took care of them and answered their spiritual longings in ways they never expected.”

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January 2014 BoiseIONS presentation: Living a native African Life

At our January 2014 meeting Jeannine Antoniou Smith will share some of her experiences and the life changing insights that living a native African life has given her.   Her heart has taken her to various parts of Africa at least 20 times since her first trip in 1986. Her trips aren’t of the tourist variety.  She stays with friends  and friends of friends in their Africa.  Her trips are explorations of both herself and the country, and in these explorations she has rediscovered herself and her own country.    She has recently published a book recounting her experiences, and was featured in the “Living from the Heart” article in the Life section of the Statesman’s 10-20-13 edition.  Please join us to meet Jeannine and share these consciousness expanding experiences with her.

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IONS international news available on the blog

We will now post notes from IONS international about activities and resources that our Mother organization provides.  Read about them from the IONS International notes tab on our blog or click

Thank you.

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October 2013 BoiseIONS presentation: Annabel Armstong

For this months BoiseIONS presentation Annabel Armstrong will speak about her experiences as a volunteer artist in northern India last year. She spent four months working with an international team of artists to create a large-scale mural honoring Buddha.

Commissioned by Tarthang Tulku, founder of Dharma Publishing and the Tibetan Aid Project, and his daughter Tsering Gellek, the mural depicts a landscape of trees sacred to the Buddhist tradition. The imagery fills all the walls and ceiling of the main chanting hall of an institute for Buddhist studies in Sarnath, India, which is where Buddha gave his first sermon.

Annabel will share photos of the mural in progress and describe the project’s conceptual process as it relates to Buddhist philosophy, as well as share anecdotes of time spent near one of the holiest cities in India.

Annabel Armstrong is a Boise-based artist who has been creating decorative paint finishes and murals for almost 20 years. Architectural surfaces such as walls and ceilings act as her canvases, and Annabel decorates them with murals, paint effects, plaster, and gold leaf.

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Sept 2013 BoiseIONS presentation: The Consciousness Project

“September BoiseIONs meeting will present Deepak Chopra Foundation’s commitment for the future featuring  The Consciousness Project (TCP) — Hopeful Solutions for Epic Problems, with Chopra Instructors John & Jane Close, Willow Tree, Fruitland, Idaho.

TCP will be introduced using a 1 hour audio featuring Deepak Chopra sharing his goals for the future, announcing a major initiative to solve the world problems such as global warming, globalization, economic upheaval, overpopulation, and hostile tensions. The link, Chopra  believes, is consciousness, and the only way to solve the worlds epic problems is to arrive at an understanding of consciousness that will benefit humanity. The vision of TCP is to close this gap by expanding science and at the same time submitting consciousness to experimental research.

Questions, answers and discussion will follow the formal presentation.

At the July 28, 2013 meeting, Lisa Anderson will do an Amanae breath and body movement demonstration with the IONS group using “Light Dance” body and energy work, a spirit led co-creation bringing body, mind and spirit into balance, resulting in Untying the Knots in the Body, Unhooking the NOTS in the Mind, and Empowering You to Heal Yourself. Lisa will introduce the process, then work for work for 5-10 minutes with volunteers as time allows.

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Chi, Bagua and the Home: June 2013 BoiseIONS presentation.

At the June 30th, 2013 meeting, Karen Mackay will cover the way chi enters the home and the flow it needs to optimize the needs of the home and it’s occupants and identify how to deal with any energies that might be blocked or stuck. She will introduce the five elements of the Bagua and the essential nature of Yin and Yang for achieving balance in the home. Karen will bring with her the “I Ching” and “The Nine Star Key” to demonstrate and help advance the understanding of these practices as time allows.

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